Test your knowledge of the 90s' classic romcom - Pretty Woman - in our fun quiz.

Pretty Woman first hit our screens in the 1990s, starting the noughties off on a romantic bang. When flame haired Vivian meets dashing businessman Edward, sparks fly – but for all the wrong reason’s.

When Edward loses his bearings in Beverly Hills, Vivian comes to his rescue – but reminds him from the start that nothing comes for free on the mean streets of LA. While he fumes at the prospect of getting his wallet out to pay for a finger in the right direction, Vivian coolly replies: “I can do anything I want to baby, I ain’t lost.”

In 2015 the cast of Pretty Woman reunited after 25 years and it seems that Vivian – aka Julia Roberts – always had a firm hold over Edward – aka Richard Gere. Revealing what persuaded him to take up the role, Gere said that a handwritten note from Julia – reading ‘Please say yes’ – gave him the final push he needed. And where would we all be if he would have said no?

How did you fare  in our Pretty Woman quiz? If you reached superfan level – well done! If not that gives you the perfect excuse to warm up some popcorn, block out a Friday night and enjoy this heartwarming tale all over again!