It’s the moment that wine fans didn’t even know they wanted, until it happened. The rich bodied fullness that is our favourite glass of red has been married with a warming cup of hot chocolate to create a pairing so good, it deserves its own Brangelina-style acronym.


The brainchild of food blogger Kylie – who runs ImmaEatThat.com – red wine hot chocolate is as crazy good as it sounds. Red wine is poured into a combination of melted dark chocolate chunks and milk to create a winter warmer that ticks every single foodie/drink box.

The recipe has taken social media by storm with many keen to share their efforts via Instagram:

Toasted marshmallows are an ingenious touch…

And a good dollop of whipped cream is always welcome…

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A little more chocolate on the side…just because

Adding in a cinnamon stick screams festive season spice!

While serving it up milkshake-style is creative cooking at it’s best!

And if you love this idea then what we’re about to show you next will blow your mind. We have a recipe for mulled wine hot chocolate that will get you reaching for your best bottle of Shiraz in next to no time.

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