Fur babies. For those of you who don’t understand this phrase, it is described simply by oxforddictionaries.com as “A person’s dog, cat, or other furry pet animal”.

However, a fur baby, and anyone who is lucky enough to have one will know, is so much more than a ‘pet animal’. They are a truly integrated part of the family and as much loved by their owners as any human relative that might also reside in the household. Whether it’s preparing them bespoke meals or staying up in the night to make sure they don’t get lonely, we’ll go above and beyond to take care of our beloved pet.

After it was revealed that puppy owners get 20% less sleep than new parents, we look at the things that any parents of fur babies will understand…

You put your pet’s desire for rest above your own. Even if it means lying still for longer than you might ever want to, just so you don’t disturb them from their slumber…


…and no matter how big the bed is, you will always be tight on space!


You don’t need an alarm clock because your pet never misses the opportunity to tell you when they think you should be up and feeding them. Ever.


Leaving your pet behind in a kennels (or similar) when you go away feels like you’re abandoning them forever. Not only do you worry about them while you’re away, but they will punish you for it continually after you return and they are back home, safe and sound. They give you the same face as when you bring them home from the vet. 


…and no matter how great the holiday is, it’s even better if you can take your pet with you!

Apologies in advance for what i'm sure will be an exhaustive, holiday photo diary.

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Sometimes you put more thought into deciding what your pet is going to eat for dinner than yourself…


…and if they’re fussy eaters? You totally pander to that.


It’s impossible not to forgive your pet, even after they’ve done something bad or made a mess. If anything their ‘guilty’ face just makes them cuter.


Even when they do something sneaky, you can’t help but be impressed by their ingenuity!


You probably upload as many photos of your pet as you do of your friends and family. In fact, if you check, you’ve probably taken more photos of your fur babies recently than any human.


You watch and share cute animal vids on Facebook all the time. Just to see what other fur baby families out there are doing and share the joy of owning a pet and loving animals with others.


At the end of the day, you wouldn’t change anything about it. You love them 100%, just the way they are. Plus, you’re certain that your pet is the BEST pet in the whole world – bar none.


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