There are only a few films we’ve watched more times than Pretty Woman (Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing – we’re looking at you). There’s something about this unconventional love story that had us hooked from the first time we watched it, and the fact that Richard Gere stars as the dashing Edward throughout…well that doesn’t hurt either!

Here a 10 things you may never have known about Pretty Woman (and 9 great reasons to watch the film again!)

Remember the bathtub scene where Vivian is singing along to her walkman? To make all the bubbles in the bath, the crew had to use loads of detergent. But it was so strong it rinsed all of the red dye out of Julia Roberts’ hair! After filming the scene, she had to have her hair re-dyed again later that night.


Rumour has it that Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker were both offered the role of Vivian… but turned it down! We can’t imagine anyone but Julia playing her now.

sandra bullock and sarah jessica parker

The necklace Vivian wears to attend the opera was so expensive that an armed guard had to be present for the duration of filming! Valued at a cool $250,000, it’s a wonder Julia could focus during the scene.


The opera Edward takes Vivian to was specially chosen for its storyline. Called La Traviata, it follows the story of a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy man – sound familiar?!


Remember the scene where Edward fires Stuckey and throws him out of the penthouse after catching him harassing Vivian? Richard Gere knocked a crown off of a molar whilst filming, he was so involved in the scene. Ouch!

Edward-fires Stuckey

To prepare for her role as street walker Vivian, Julia Roberts spent some time at a free health clinic in LA helping a nurse and meeting her patients – many of whom were probably in a similar situation to Julia Roberts’ character. 


There’s actually a mistake in the scene where Vivian and Edward eat breakfast after their first night together. Have you ever spotted it? Julia starts eating a croissant, but when the camera cuts back to her she’s holding a pancake instead. Whoops!


The famous scene where Edward gifts Vivian the diamond necklace was actually filmed the day after Julia’s 21st birthday.

Pretty Woman Opera Scene La Traviata 2

Remember the homeless rummaging in the bins that Edward asks for directions in the movie? Well that’s actually the director Gary Marshall… making a cheeky cameo!


The original ending of Pretty Woman penned by JF Lawton wasn’t exactly the stuff romantic dreams are made of… Brace yourselves, this isn’t pretty. Originally, Lawton wanted to call the film ‘3,000’ – the amount that Edward pays Vivianne to spend the week with him.

Original plans would see the movie with a far more cynical edge, culminating in Edward KILLING Vivienne. Crikey. Julia Roberts told Matt Lauer in 2015: ‘At the end of the original script, Richard [Gere]’s character threw my character out of the car, threw the money on top of her and drove away and the credits rolled.’ Thank heavens he changed his mind….


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