From their Christmas decoration preparations to how characters sneak around the park unseen, here’s 14 facts about Disneyland that you never knew (until now!)

  • Did you know that Disney properties were the most photographed and ‘Instagrammed’ locations in 2016? The hashtag #DisneyLand has 13,483,334 posts to date! Wow! 😮

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  • Fancy dressing up as your favourite Disney character for a trip to the park? Well sorry, that’s not allowed! The Disney rules officially state, “Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older” – so no Cinderella cos-play for you. Best to leave the character acting to the professionals! Or risk getting denied admittance…

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  • When the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride was being built in 1967, Disney Imagineers didn’t like the look of the fake skeletons that were used for the setting of the ride. They allegedly acquired some REAL skeletons from UCLA medical school and placed actual human skeletons around the ride instead. Luckily, most of these have now been removed – except one skull and crossbones that is still human – eek!

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  • Have you ever noticed that you never see Disney employees wandering around the park? Well that’s because there are tunnels under the park that allow staff (and off-duty characters) to move from place to place without getting in the way of guests.
  • Walt Disney preferred to be called by his first name only. In honour of this, all employees have badges with only their first name on. Plus, if two employees in one area have the same name, one has choose a new name!
  • Everything needs to be just-right in the magical kingdom of Disney World. So they’ve even thought about how the park will SMELL. The makers of Disney parks installed vents which pump out sweet smelling scents like Vanilla onto the streets. At Christmas time they change it to a festive Peppermint scent.
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  • Ever fancied a night in the iconic Cinderella Castle? Well it does actually contain a hotel room which someone can stay in, but it is only ever reserved for contest winners – so you can’t pay to sleep there.
  • The characters from Toy Story used to have to drop to the floor if someone shouted “Andy’s Coming!” Sadly due to health and safety reasons, this is no longer in practice. If the characters hear someone shout it now, they will respond with “Andy’s at college”. Give it a go next time you go to the park!


  • Disney teamed up with Kodak (the camera people) to help them discover what colour would look best on their streets and pathways! As a result, the coloured concrete on the floors of the park reflect light in a way that creates vivid and more attractive photographs. No instagram filter needed!
  • Disney World (Florida) is 30,5000 acres in size, making it about the same size as San Francisco!
  • Ever visited the Beauty and the Beast inspired restaurant called ‘ Be Our Guest’? Next time make sure you ask your waiter for “the grey stuff” to get the secret dish from the menu.


  • One of the worst things about going to Disneyland is how long you might have to spend in line! If you can spot a paintbrush hidden on the ground in Tom Sawyers Island then you can get free fast passes for one ride! All you have to do is give the paintbrush to a member of staff.
  • Magic Kingdom’s Main Street in the USA is lined with American flags—only they’re not technically American. Regulations require traditional flags be raised, lowered, and flown at half-mast. So at Disney, each flag is missing a star or a stripe in order to be left up permanently.
  • If the celeb instagram snaps are anything to go by, then we know that you can buy nearly anything you can think of with Mickey Mouse on it! However there’s one thing you can’t get—the color of his shorts! The exact pantone of the character’s costume is top secret.
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  • Finally, if anywhere does Christmas decor better that the OTT department stores, it’s Disneyland. In order to have the biggest, brightest and most festive display, Disney ship in 150 tractor trailer loads of decorations to ‘Deck the Halls’. For anyone else, this would cost the earth in energy bills due to all the lights, but not Disney. Why? They have their own power plant of course!

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