Bottles, sticks, cardboard, sponges and CDs – these household items can create gours of fun with the kids!


Are the kids getting bored inside? Do you have your little ones AND their friends to entertain but a limited buidget to play with? Then click through our slideshow above and check out our favourite easy ways to entertain the kids at home without spending a fortune! YES!

Whether it’s the school holidays or it’s raining outside, there are times when we need something that is cheap and easy to do that keeps the kids happy!

Here are our favourite fun, DIY kids activities that are super cheap but are also a great way to keep the kids busy! That means you can sit back and relax…yes!

A day with your kids doesn’t always have to be stressful! Why not let them help you with the gardening by getting the kids to cut out plastic bottles into pots or poking holes in the lids for an instant watering can! Or, If they’re not up for that they’ll be sure to have fun with some water so, take out some pots and pans for an entertaining, no-mess-no-stress summer afternoon!

Flick through our slideshow above and check out our favourite DIY kids summer activities.

Grow some cress!Please always supervise your children when doing these activities, and any others, and never leave kids or babies alone in, or with water or plastic bags.