When your wedding day comes to an end, perhaps the saddest thing is taking off your beloved wedding dress.

All the hours spent choosing it, having it tailored, and dieting to fit into it seem to mean nothing once the big day is over. It seems like such a waste when the most beautiful dress, and probably the most expensive item of clothing you own, is put away into storage.

Well, not for former bride Samantha Burns, who decided to create a kooky tradition to always cherish her special day.

Her solution to the re-wear wedding dress dilemma?  To wear her wedding dress every anniversary, no matter what she is doing!

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The relationship counsellor and dating coach wrote a post for Brides magazine, explaining the reason behind her decision. She said,”I had looked forward to that day for so long and couldn’t believe in a matter of hours it was over.

“In that moment, I turned to my husband and told him I intended to wear my wedding dress for every anniversary as long as I could fit in it!”

Samantha stuck to her word, and has worn her dress every year, while doing some pretty cool activities. On her and her husband’s first anniversary, they played golf on a week long getaway…

The second, they took a boat trip around Boston Harbour, and the dress came along too!

She also adds five reasons why it’s such a great idea to wear it every year… and we think they are pretty great!

1. Get your money’s worth

Samantha wanted to get as much wear out of the dress as possible, considering they are so expensive.

2. Fitness motivation

Samantha uses this as a clever way to keep her figure in check – making sure she can still fit into it!

3. Rekindle romance

Samantha says that hugging your partner in the dress you walked down the aisle in is sure to bring back amazing memories of the big day.

4. Create new memories

Better yet, create some amazing new memories!

5. Feel like a celebrity for the evening

Samantha says that the attention she gets whilst wearing her wedding dress makes her feel like a rockstar!

So why not, try something similar to remind yourself of your special day!

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