Beauty and the Beast is the tale as old as time that first hit screens as the Disney cartoon classic in 1991.


It’s a film that for many defined their childhoods (or their children’s childhoods!) So, imagine our shock (and in some cases horror) to discover that Disney were remaking the classic.


Speculation was rife about who would play the lead characters for months. We were thrilled to find out Downton Abbey heartthrob Dan Stevens (we still haven’t got over the death of Matthew) would be playing the Prince. Plus, although many people were unsure about the announcement that Harry Potter’s Emma Watson would play Belle, we were secretly optimistic.


As soon as we saw the first look at the trailer, we knew it was going to be epic, and you can’t deny – Emma Watson certainly looks the part!


Now we’ve had a sneak peak at her singing the iconic ‘Something There’, we’re even more excited. We never knew Emma had such a beautiful voice…

So… Do you have high hopes for the latest version of the film? Take a look at the trailer here and let us know….

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