Thank goodness they didn't land these iconic roles!

If you thought some of your favourite TV and film roles were destined to be played by the person that got the part – think again! Some of the biggest roles in Hollywood were meant for other stars who turned down the role! Can you imagine Johnny from Dirty Dancing being played by anyone other than Patrick Swayze? Or Edward in Pretty Woman NOT being Richard Gere?!

These are the celebrities who nearly got the part…

Edward from Pretty Woman
edward from pretty woman
We couldn’t imagine Edward being played by anyone other than Richard Gere but the director originally wanted Al Pacino for the part! Say what?!


Jack from Titanic
jack from titanic
Despite being one of his most famous roles ever, Leonardo DiCaprio almost didn’t win the role of Jack, apparently actor Matthew McConaughey was almost selected instead!


Vivian from Pretty Woman
Vivian pretty woman
Apparently Michelle Pfeiffer turned down the part before it went to Julia Roberts. Ahem – thank goodness!


Allie Calhoun from The Notebook
the notebook
Apparently Britney Spears was rumored to be considered for the role of Allie, but Rachel McAdams stole the show – and dated Ryan Gosling – instead!


Johnny from Dirty Dancing
johnny dirty dancing
Val Kilmer was initially offered the lead but declined and it went to the amazing Patrick Swayze instead. THANK GOODNESS is all we can say!


Rose from Titanic
rose titanic
Gwyneth Paltrow auditioned for the role, but thankfully lost out to Kate Winslet who was amazing in the lead alongside Leo!


Baby from Dirty Dancing
baby dirty dancing
Sarah Jessica Parker actually auditioned for the lead in Dirty Dancing but we’re glad Jennifer Grey got the part – we can’t imagine Baby being played by anyone else now!
Billy Flynn from Chicagobilly flynn chicago
Did you know that the role of Billy Flynn was actually offered to John Travolta before Richard Gere? We love John but this role was made for Richard!

Would you liked to of seen any of these other actors get the role?