It's been 25 years since Thelma and Louise hit screens, but there's a lot you may not know about Ridley Scott's iconic road trip...


From the moment this dynamic duo burst onto screens in 1991 with their southern drawls, vintage Levi’s and fearless attitudes we were hooked.

Thelma and Louise is the cult classic that launched Brad Pitt’s career, gave the road trip genre its most spectacular finale and proved that not all important relationships in the movies have to revolve around romance.

While girl-meets-boy tends to be the storyline of choice for the big blockbusters, it’s this tale of an indestructible friendship that gets our vote every time. While men may weave in and out of their journey, women come first in Thelma and Louise, right from the first pull of the trigger to the bittersweet end.

It’s been 25 years since the film’s release, and we’re still not tired of watching it.

But did you know that Geena Davis actually didn’t want to play Thelma at all? Or which Hollywood heartthrob lost out to Brad Pitt for the part of JD?

Here are 9 things you probably didn’t know about Thelma and Louise…

Geena originally wanted to play Louise, not Thelma. The young star landed a meeting and arrived with a hour’s worth of notes on why exactly she should play quick-thinking and spontaneous Louise. The casting director told her she’d make the perfect Thelma.


Young Brad Pitt beat George Clooney for his role in the movie. And what a great decision that was! Brad was ideal to play the part of JD, a down-and-out but impossibly cute young cowboy who charms his way into Thelma’s motel room bed and out of it with all of the girls’ savings. Don’t worry Thelma, honey, we would have been blinded by those abs, too.


Pitt was paid just $6,000 dollars to star in the movie, in a film that grossed $45million in North America alone! But we won’t feel too sorry for him. Just four years later he was earning £4million for his starring role in Seven. That fine acting set him up for life.


Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep were in the running to play Thelma and Louise. They went on to make Death Becomes Her instead, another classic.


Remember that drunken roundhouse scene at the beginning of the movie? Well, it turns out they actually WERE pretty drunken! Sarandon and Davis knocked down shots of tequila before the cameras started rolling to make their performances more convincing. Our kinda gals!


There’s actually a massive blooper in one the movie’s most iconic scenes! When Thelma meets JD for the first time, his sunglasses keep changing position. One moment they’re in his hand, the next they’re on his shirt. Then they’re gone entirely! 


There could have been a TOTALLY different ending. Producers toyed with the idea that Louise could push Thelma out of the car, saving her at the last minute.


And what ever happened to that ’66 Thunderbird after the cameras stopped rolling? In an interview with the Daily Mail Sarandon revealed “The car is still there at the bottom of the cliff, by the way. They couldn’t get it out!”