Currently starring as lawyer Robert Shapiro in mini-series The People V OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, Hollywood leading John Travolta is no stranger to controversy – both on and off screen!

Whether you loved him as Johnny Zuko in Grease, or loathed him as Edna Turnblad in the 2007 remake of Hairspray, he’s certainly one A-lister that isn’t likely to slip under the celeb radar anytime soon. Here are 9 surprising facts about John Travolta.

1. Back in 1985 he showed off his infamous dance moves with the late Princess Diana 

Few can resist the fancy footwork of Mr ‘Saturday Night Fever’ himself, and it seems that members of the Royal family are no exception. In fact, Diana had her dance card marked by Travolta at a White House gala dinner hosted by the then-President Reagan and his wife Nancy. You couldn’t make it up!

2. He did a duet with pre-Twerking era Miley Cyrus

Remember Miley as wholesome Disney star Hannah Montana?…Don’t worry, we’re struggling with this one too! But one person who did know Miley back in her ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ days is Travolta, partnering up with the singer for a single for 2009 animated Disney film Bolt.

John Travolta and Miley Cyrus

3. He’s no stranger to an ‘entry-level’ job

Rumour has it that before his meteoric rise to fame Travolta slummed it in a number of everyday job roles from supermarket checkout boy to luggage handler. We’ve all got to start somewhere.


 4. He’s shared the spotlight with his nearest and dearest

Travolta’s mother Helen and his sister Ann appeared in minor roles in Saturday Night Fever, while his sister Ellen appeared as a waitress in Grease.

Ellen Travolta in Grease

5. He’s flying high in more ways than one

It’s no secret that Travolta is an accomplished private pilot, but did you also know that he used his piloting skills to fly Oprah’s entire studio audience on a surprise 8-day expenses-paid trip to Australia back in 2010?

6. He made a major slip-up at the 2014 Academy Awards

Frozen hit our screens 2013 giving Travolta a year to get to grips with the name of singing sensation Idina Menzel. Sadly, it seems that this wasn’t time enough as he introduced the star as ‘Adele Dazeem’ at the 2014 Academy Awards – a moment that the internet still hasn’t forgotten!

Adele Dazeem

7. He looked like THIS as a baby

John Travolta as a baby

8. Travolta’s holiday home in Florida, has not one – but two runways!

John Travolta Floriday Holiday Home

9. His hobbies include collecting cocoa powder samples from around the world…yes really!

Brazilian cocoa powder has a “hint of cinnamon and pepper”, according to Travolta…fascinating!

Hot Chocolate Gif


Did any of these surprising facts about John Travolta get you thinking?