Cats, as much as we love them, can be a tad rude. 

They roam around, doing as they please, and if there is a rare moment of affection, it is always on their terms.

If you were wondering why your cat can be so dismissive, here is some scientific rationale…

New research from animal behavior specialists at the University of Lincoln and published in PLOS ONE sheds some light on cat independence, suggesting that adult domestic cats don’t have the same attachment to their owners as dogs.

When placed in a room with their owners and then with complete strangers during an experiment, the cats showed little affiliation with the first group.

Veterinary behavioral medicine professor Daniel Mills explains: “In strange situations, attached individuals seek to stay close to their carer, show signs of distress when they are separated and demonstrate pleasure when their attachment figure returns, but these trends weren’t apparent during our research.”

But there are some cats who are far worse than others.

Arrogant, lazy, insensitive, vain and sometimes just unkind, these are 9 cats that are in serious need of an attitude adjustment…

  1. This cat, who doesn’t care if you’re getting ready for work. He wants attention. Now.


2. Or this cat, who doesn’t appreciate you taking a shower when he wants to play


3. This cat, who takes way better selfies than you… (cats afraid of dogs? Sure)


4. This cat, who is better dressed than you will ever be


5. This little guy, who thinks he is way more interesting than whatever you are trying to write


6. Or this guy, who basically has no time for anything you have to say


7. This cat, who is bad ass and doesn’t care who knows about it


8. Or this guy, who knows his own self worth


9. And finally this little one… A cat with attitude in the making!