When it comes to an instant happiness boost – things don’t get much better than a classic Disney film. From Simba’s first foray into the world to the moment Ariel claps eyes on Eric, we just can’t get enough. That’s why we’re bringing you more Disney-related joy in the shape of … things you never knew about Disney films. Happy reading!

1. Frozen had an alternative ending! Frozen producer Peter Del Vecho told Entertainment Weekly that ice queen Elsa was initially written in as a more straightforward villain. First drafts also didn’t put Anna and Elsa together as sisters, nor did they make them royalty!

‘So Anna was not a princess. Elsa was a self-proclaimed Snow Queen, but she was a villain and pure evil — much more like the Hans Christian Andersen tale,’ he revealed.

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And in one of the originally conceived final scenes the evil snow queen unleashes scores of snow monsters upon our heroes, as Kristoff – the mountaineer with the reindeer Sven – comes into his own to leap to Anna’s defence.

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The not-so-nice Prince Hans then tries to deliberately cause an avalanche to stop the monsters in their tracks. Fast-forward to a touching moment when Anna persuades Elsa to use her powers to save the kingdom. She realises the prophecy about ‘a ruler with a frozen heart will bring destruction to the kingdom of Arendelle’ applies to Hans – not her – and her heart thaws out for all eternity!

2. Did you know that all of the Disney Pixar films are subtly linked? The films are connected through hidden clues, such as characters from one film appearing as a toy in a different film. Take a look at all of these secret links exposed below…

3. Always had a crush on Tom Cruise? Well you’ll be surprised to hear that Aladdin was modelled after him!


4. On screen romances have translated into off screen pairings more times than we can count. But did you know that Wayne Anthony Allwine, who was the voice of Mickey Mouse for 32 years, married Russi Taylor, who played Minnie, in 1991? And the loved up couple remained devoted to each other until his death in 2009. Sooo romantic!

5. The moment Elsa sung ‘Let it go’ we knew she had a maturity way beyond her Disney years. And it turns out she is the only Disney princess who isn’t a teenager. At 21 Elsa is light years ahead of the rest of the Disney princess pack.

6. Disney are releasing another instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – Salazar’s Revenge – on May 26th and Our Girl star Michelle Keegan is said to have landed a role!

7. Disney animators are masters at slipping Disney character’s into the background of an animation. As an example Goofy, Mickey and Donald Duck can all be spotted in the audience at King Triton’s concert during the opening scenes of the Little Mermaid.

8. Mickey Mouse’s original name was…wait for it…Mortimer!

9. Pocahontas is the only Disney princess with a tattoo.

10. Love Merida from Brave’s never-ending flowing locks? Well did know that if straightened her curly hair would reach a length of a four feet. That’s a whole lot of work with a pair of GHD’s!

11. If you think Disney princess’s petite figures are far from realistic, you’d be wrong. Both Ariel and Belle’s proportions are based on those of real-life model Sherri Stoner.

12. Emma Stone has confirmed that she will be starring as Cruella de Vil in Disney’s upcoming 101 Dalmatians spin-off. We are SO excited and can’t wait to see the transformation!

13. Lilo and Stitch features more Elvis Presley songs than any of the King of Pop’s own films!

14. Will Smith and Tom Hanks are rumoured to be starring in a live-action remake of Dumbo. We can’t quite visualise this, but we can’t wait for more details.

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