Down-to-earth Sheridan Smith would make the perfect addition to any friendship group!

Down-to-earth Lincolnshire lass and award-winning actress Sheridan Smith has captured hearts across the UK with her passionate performances both on screen and stage.

But even though her A-List status means she lives the high life, moving in glamorous celebrity circles, Sheridan always makes time for her oldest, dearest friends. 

Here are 11 reasons we wish Sheridan Smith was a member of our very own girly gang. Sheridan if you’re listening, call us!

1. She’s a bit of a joker

Sheridan Smith

We all love a good April’s Fool joke and in 2013 Sheridan joined in on the action with a Tweet that sent the rumour mill into overdrive.

I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve been cast as the lead girl in 50 Shades of Grey opposite Eddie Redmayne, can’t wait to start filming!

And just as fans were readying themselves for a dream on-screen pairing, Sheridan fired back with the following cheeky update:

‘In my dreams! Haha, I just got that in a minute before midday. Happy April fools twits 😉 Xxxxxxxx’

2. She loves a girly catch up as much as we do

In an interview with The Telegraph Sheridan listed ‘catching up with friends and having a giggle’ as one of her favourite things to do. In fact, Sheridan and her best mate from home Eddy Northcott  love a good get together.

Sheridan Smith Tweet

Whether it’s chilling out at the beach…


Or hitting an A-list after party…


3. She spends her downtime with her four-legged friends – and isn’t afraid to admit it!


Sheridan loves animals as much as we do, and in an interview with The Guardian she revealed that her favourite thing to do is ‘chill out with my dogs and watch David Attenborough documentaries’. And with a Shar Pei called Enid Blyton and a black pug named Barry Manilow taking pride of place amongst her furry brood, who can blame her?

4. She’s totally relatable


Us too Sheridan – we’d keep you company!

5. She throws the best parties

Sheridan loves nothing more than being a hostess with the mostest, and has revealed that she has thrown a legendary house party or two in her time. For her 29th birthday she put on a Stars in their Eyes themed fancy dress party complete with curtains, smoke machines and much more. We can’t wait to see what she has planned for her upcoming 35th!

6. She believes that a problem shared, is a problem halved


The actress has nothing but admiration for her legion of fans, and according to David Walliams – who co-starred with Sheridan in a stage production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – she often provides a listening ear to her teen fan base.

“She is like a big sister to them, taking them out for coffee, sorting out their problems,” he said. What a gem!

7. She loves a night in, as much as a night out

Although Sheridan is often snapped enjoying a night out, the good news is she’s also just as happy having a night in on the sofa. Her top guilty pleasures are eating junk food – she’s admitted to being a “burger and chips girl” – and watching back-to-back episodes of Come Dine with MeWhere can we sign up?

8. She’d serenade you with show tunes to brighten your day

Sheridan comes from a long line of proud singers. Her dad Colin and mum Marilyn once performed as part of a Country and Western duo, while her brother Damian is the lead vocalist for a band called The Torn. Did someone say karaoke?

9. She’s a total style inspiration – no two hair days are ever the same!


10. She loves a good, old-fashioned shopping spree

Sheridan has admitted to having a penchant for designer gear, including her collection of Louboutins, and also loves heading to swanky department stores including Selfridges and Liberty’s for a wardrobe top up. We’d be happy to come along, even if was only to hold Sheridan’s shopping bags!

11.  She’s generous to a fault

Sheridan once bought not one, not two, but three brand new cars for her family members, ensuring her mum, dad and brother Damian hit the road in style! Sheridan we salute you. But rest assured we’re not just in it for the freebies, we’re looking for genuine friendship too – honest!