From chokers to bum bags, we recall the cringe-worthy trends that we’d rather forget!


From left to right: Goldie Hawn in a poncho, Jerry Hall wears a choker and Joan Collins rocks the 80s shoulder pad

1. Scrunchies

This brightly-coloured, 80s hair trend is enjoying a style revival in 2013 (nooooooooo!).

2. Poppers

Tracksuit bottoms took a weird turn in the late 90s with hip to ankle poppers running down the outside of each leg. Breezy!

3. Ponchos

They might be comfy but we really do prefer a top with a sleeve, thanks.

4. Platform trainers

We had the Spice Girls to thank for this tall trend – think plimsolls with a 3in platform. Note: these are not ideal for sport!

5. Chokers

We’re all for a bit of statement neckwear but thick black ribbon/velvet around the neck is a definite fashion no, no!

6. Shoulder pads

This powerful, angular 80s trend is back once again this season. Dynasty eat your heart out!

7. Trouser skirts

After much discussion in the Woman’s Own office, we can’t seem to remember the official fashion term for the skirt/dress over trouser trend. All we know is, it was very wrong.

8. Bum bags

No matter how useful these were for carrying loose change, Walkmans and penny sweets, we think this trend should be left well and truly in the 90s.

9. Ra-ra skirts

These frilly, flared-out skirts seem to make a comeback every few years.

10. Velour tracksuits

Madonna first kicked off this noughties trend when she stepped out in a ‘Madge’-emblazoned number from Juicy Couture.
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