Eat your way to younger-looking skin with these superfood heroes



You need: 2tbsp pomegranate seeds every week and drink a glass of the juice every day

Cheaper than face creams and delicious sprinkled over yogurt, pomegranate seeds are bursting with juice containing ellagic acid, which fights damage from free radicals plus collagen-supporting punicalagins


Oily fish

You need: Six 100-170g portions a week

The omega-3 in sardines, salmon and mackerel work like a facial to reduce skin inflammations, broken veins and blotchiness by strengthening skin-cell membranes



You need: Try ¼ melon every day

The lycopene and potassium in watermelon help to keep your complexion soft and plump


Olive oil

You need: 1tbsp a day as dressing, or drizzled over fish or pasta

Swap your vegetable oil for olive oil. The good fats contain omega-3, which improves circulation, leaving skin rosy and supple



You need: 2tbsp every day

Blueberries contain more skin-protecting antioxidants than almost any other food



You need: A portion every day

This nutrient-rich salad food is loaded with beta-carotene and lutein, which improve skin elasticity


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