Karen Pugh, a 51 year old mum-of-two was desperate to lose weight for her son’s wedding. She spotted an advert for Woman’s Own Diets and decided to sign up.

‘I’d been plodding along doing my own thing and losing the odd pound here and there but not getting very far,’ says Karen. ‘I knew I needed to focus – I didn’t want to fail.’

What attracted you to Woman’s Own Diets?

The club has a food and drink database with over 90,000 food products, which is linked to your personal food diary. I found that listing everything I ate really made me stay focused and on-track. There’s also a really good Food Swap Calculator that offers a list of lower-calorie, lower-fat alternatives so you can continue to enjoy all the foods you love while staying within your calorie allowance.

How have you changed the way you eat?

I’ve swapped chocolate, cakes and crisps for salads and soups – although I do still enjoy some treats, but in moderation.

How much weight did you lose?womansowndietskaren2

I lost 2st. In February I was a size 14-16 and weighed 13st – now I’m a size 12!

How do you feel since losing the weight?

Absolutely brilliant! I’m so much healthier and so is my husband. We both wanted to lose weight, and he’s lost 2st too!

If you are ready to start your weight loss journey – try Woman’s Own Diets like Karen and you could b e on your way to a new you!