Woman’s Own Diets Expert Angela Dowden answers your questions

Woman’s Own Diets nutrition expert Angela Dowden is on hand to answer your questions in our Diet Club forum. Here’s some advice on how to satisfy those carb cravings…

Q. Whether it’s bread pasta or potatoes, I never feel satisfied unless I’ve had carbs with a meal. How do I stop this?

A. It’s quite common not to feel full without carbs, which are bulky and filling. For this reason, most healthy eating plans recommend we eat them at every meal. Keeping your blood sugar even can help to cur carb cravings, and the best way to do this is to make at least half of the carbs you eat wholegrain – such as bread of wholewheat pasta.

Combining carbs with protein also helps to you fuller – so top potatoes with protein filling such as tuna, put chicken in yoru sarnies, and so on.


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