womans_own_diets_imageLet’s face it – it may be the season to be jolly, but it’s also cold, wet and grey. But that doesn’t mean that there is any excuse to not exercise off those excess Christmas calories. Here’s some great exercise ideas to help you lose weight from Woman’s Own Diets.

1. Pound the pavements

Forget doing your Christmas shopping online – put on some comfy flats, and head to your high street or mall. Keep up the walking pace in between browsing the shops and you can burn 167 calories an hour. Just don’t stop for that coffee and cake!

2. Get the house ready for the family invasion

With the arrival of family and friends to celebrate the season, the house will undoubtedly need a good once over. Cleaning is an excellent and easy way to burn off some calories – for example:

10 mins window washing – so your Christmas tree lights shine brightly through: burns 25 calories

20 minutes sweeping up – burns 86 calories

30 minutes general cleaning and tidying up – burns 1 14 calories

3. Dance the night away

With all the Christmas parties and nights out with friends, it’s the perfect time to hit the dance floor! Good news is that dancing burns up to 291 calories an hour. So shake that booty and show off your moves!

4. Let is Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We’re all dreaming of a white Christmas, and if we’re lucky enough to see some snow, you can burn an extra 129 calories for 20 minutes of shovelling snow out of your driveway!

5. Warm up under the duvet

If you’re all loved up this festive season – indulging in a bit of ‘amorous play’ will burn you (and your other half!) up to 221 calories an hour.

Want more exercises to lose weight?

There are lots of everyday activities that can help you stay in shape! Use the exercise calorie counter on Woman’s Own Diets for more inspiration. Have a look around the site for more fantastic weight loss tips with a free 7 day trial.