Whether you’re looking for Wimbledon food ideas inspired by the great tennis tournament, or you need some recipes for a get together to watch a match, we’ve got some great Wimbledon food ideas to fill your fridge!

If there’s two things Wimbledon is famous for (apart from amazing tennis and some seriously talented tennis players) then it’s strawberries & cream, and (you guessed it!) Pimms! It’s difficult not to love these fruity flavour combinations, so something tells us you’re going to score big points from the family for making these strawberry and cream themed desserts and Pimms flavoured puddings.

Spend less time fussing in the kitchen and more time to keep your eyes on the game with the no-bake cheesecake recipes, or go for a Great British classic with the strawberries and cream cupcakes topped with a moreish scone.

Watching all those tennis superstars running around Centre Court can be tough work (ok, maybe it’s a little tougher for them) – but the tastiest way to cool down has to be with this super easy overnight recipe for a frozen Pimms cocktail! Watch the video below or scroll down to see more Wimbledon food ideas and sweet treat inspiration…