If you’re a chocoholic, then you’ll simply be in heaven. And even better, it’ll only cost you 84p per serving!




Serves: 8

Prep time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins, plus freezing

Cals: 315 per serving



100g each of 70% dark, 34% milk and white chocolate

9 eggs, separated

3tbsp caster sugar

Chocolate shards, to decorate



1.   Chop each type of chocolate into small separate bowls and melt

2.   Line a 900g loaf tin with cling film

3.   Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks, add sugar and whisk for 30 seconds

4.   Whisk 3 egg yolks into each bowl, then add a large spoon of egg white to each and stir to loosen the mixture

5.   Divide the remaining whites between the bowls and gently fold until well combined

6.   Spoon the dark chocolate into the tin, followed by the milk and white

7.   Cover well with cling film and freeze for at least four hours

8.   To serve, turn out on to a plate and decorate with chocolate shards