Celebrate the weekend with one of these ridiculously indulgent alcoholic treats.... Like dessert, but better.


1. Chocolate Love Hearts Martini


The fanciest martini we’ve ever seen, this chocolate lover’s dream comes in a glass marbled with three types of chocolate. Finish with pretty candy hearts and watch your guests eyes light up! Get the recipe here

2. Caramel Cheesecake Martini


Rich and creamy, this moreish cocktail comes with dusting of caramel shards. Get the recipe here

3. Cookie Monster Cocktail


Substitute the vodka for more vanilla ice cream and the kids can join in too! Get the recipe here

4. Guinness floatguiness

Guinness lovers rejoice! Get the recipe here 

5. Rum and coke float


An indulgent twist on a classic coke float, this one includes cherry coke, a dash of spiced rum and whipped cream with sprinkles – YUM! Get the recipe here 

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Martini


Creamy peanut putter lends itself especially well to cocktails… Get the recipe here 

7. Chocolate & Bailey’s White Russian


Making a good old fashioned White Russian all the more indulgent, this creamy treat is a dessert in itself. Get the recipe here

8. M&M & Bailey’s delight


Of COURSE indulgent Bailey’s was going to make it on to the list! Get the recipe here