Britain’s youngest Michelin starred chef Tommy Banks has collaborated with beauty brand Molton Brown to create this stunning summer rhubarb and rose tart. Taking inspiration from the key ingredients in their new bath and body collection, this tart uses one of Yorkshire born Tommy’s favourite seasonal ingredients, rhubarb.



For the frangipane

200g unsalted butter

200g caster sugar

200g ground almonds

4 eggs beaten

40g plain flour

1 tsp almond oil

For the sweet shortcrust pastry

750g plain flour

375g unsalted butter

300g icing sugar

1 whole egg

3 egg yolks

For the rhubarb jam

850g rhubarb chopped

300g sugar

15g pectin

For the rose glaze

100g caster sugar

100g water

20g dried rose petals



For the pastry

Rub together the dry ingredients until they resemble the texture of breadcrumbs. Slowly add the egg and yolk to form a smooth paste.

For the frangipane

Cream the butter and sugar. Slowly add the eggs. Fold in the almonds and then the flour. Add the almond oil.

For the rhubarb jam

Slowly bring the ingredients to the boil. Simmer gently for half an hour on low heat.Test the jam on a cold plate – if it sets when cold it is ready. If still runny, return to the heat and simmer further.

For the rose syrup

Dissolve sugar in the water. Add the rose petals and bring to the boil. Strain through a fine sieve.

To assemble the tart

Thinly roll the pastry over a 10 inch tart case. Blind bake the pastry case for 15 minutes at 170°C. Smooth the rhubarb jam over the base of the tart case.Add the frangipane batter and return to the oven for 45 minutes at 165°C. Remove the tart from the oven and brush with the rose glaze. Serve with vanilla custard.