No Halloween party platter is complete without toffee apples. They remind us of our childhood, so why not make them with your kids this year? Follow this easy toffee apple recipe for a sugary, sticky treat.



6 x small apples (Russet apples are best but any will do)

300g sugar and a small saucepan


To decorate:

Lollipop sticks

Slips of kraft paper

Slips of white card and a hole punch

Jewellery cord, natural

Cellophane wrap in orange & clear

Assorted ribbons in shades of orange, brown and purple

Alphabet rubber stamps

Pigment ink pad, brown


Makes: 6 toffee apples

Time to make: 40 mins



1. Prepare a sheet of kitchen foil by oiling it lightly with vegetable oil. Push a lollipop stick into each apple.

2. Melt the sugar in the pan and allow to boil gently until it turns a caramel colour. Do not overcook as it will taste bitter. Remove from


3. Take each apple in turn and holding it by the stick, dip each apple in the sugar until it is well coated.  TAKE CARE AS THE MELTED SUGAR MIXTURE IS EXTREMELY HOT. You might need to spoon the mixture over the last apple as the level in the pan drops.

4. Place each apple on the oiled foil sheet and allow to cool.

5. Place each cooled apple in the centre of a 30cm square of

cellophane sheet and draw up and around the apple securing where the apple and stick meet with a knot of ribbon.

6. Attach a stamped label to each stick with the cord if desired.


Recipe: Hobbycraft


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