Coffe lover? A tiramisu has to be your number 1 dessert choice. Amaretti biscuits, Tia Maria and marscapone cheese make this dessert the ultimate indulgent treat.




50g carton marscapone cheese

90g caster sugar

30g dark chocolate, finely grated

2-3 level tsp instant coffee granuals

100ml Tia Maria

24-30 amaretti biscuits, plus 4-6 biscuits to decorate


Serves: 6

Prep time: 15 mins



1. Beat the marscapone until softened, then heat in the sugar. Reserve 1tbsp grated chocolate and beat in the rest.

2. Dissolve the coffee in 1tbsp boiling water and stir in the Tia Maria. Pour the coffee mixture over the amaretti biscuits on a deep plate and leave to soak for 1 min. Put a socked biscuit at the bottom of each glass. Add 1tsp of the coffee liquid to each one, reserving the rest of the liquid for later.

3. Divide half the mascarpone mixture between the glasses, and then top with the remaining soaked amaretti biscuits. Spoon on the rest of the mascarpone and pour the remaining coffee mixture over it.

4. Decorate with the extra biscuits and sprinkle over the reserved grated chocolate.