Delicious any way you eat them (on toast, as a dip, in brownies, we could go on…) avocados manage to combine being ludicrously tasty and pretty good for you, too.

However, trying to eat one before it’s ripe and ready can be a very disappointing culinary experience.

Eating the so called ‘ alligator pear’ can be a tricky business.

Plus, ready–to–eat avocados can be pretty expensive, where as ripe at home varieties are much better value for money.

Luckily, there is a secret way to ripen avocados, fast!

All you need are two simple ingredients – an apple and a brown paper bag.

Simply put the apple and the avocado in the bag together and seal it off as best you can and leave overnight. 

By morning, your avocado should be ripe and ready to eat.

The same process can be used for ripening tomatoes, but by placing them in a bag with bananas.


Love avocado? Try this delicious piri piri chicken and avocado wrap


For a lunch that will satisfy your hunger cravings, look no further than this chicken piri piri wrap. For an extra saucy taste, throw in some tomato chutney, wrap up and enjoy!


2 Mission Deli Wraps

Olive oil

1 small ripened avocado, sliced

6 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half or into quarters

Large handful of watercress

Small handful of coriander, roughly chopped

2 large skinless chicken breasts, diced into medium sized chunks

1-2 tbsp piri-piri sauce

1 lime, quartered

You will also need: 2 x wooden or metal skewers

Makes: 2


1. Combine the avocado, cherry tomatoes, watercress and coriander together, into a salad. Set aside until needed.
2. Coat the chicken in the piri-piri sauce, and evenly thread the chicken onto each skewer. Heat the olive oil in a large griddle pan and cook the skewers for a few minutes on each side until chargrilled and cooked-through well.
3. Serve the Mission Deli Wraps open with the chicken placed alongside the salad, with tomato chutney and lime wedges, ready for individuals to make their own wraps on their plates.

Recipe: Mission Deli Wraps