Separate fact from fiction with these diet truths. You’ll be surprised!

You can still get fat with ‘diet’ foods

Foods marketed as lower fat may lull us into a false sense of security (so we eat more) and may not contain many fewer calories because they can be higher in sugar. Watching your portion size is also still important.

Some health conditions can make you put on weight

An underactive thyroid, for instance, can make you pile on the pounds. If you’re getting heavier despite eating very little, see your GP for a blood test. Other symptoms of this condition can include fatigue, feeling cold and depression.

Stopping smoking doesn’t always lead to weight gain

Many people put on weight because they substitute eating for smoking, but some actually lose weight and others stay the same. It’s far healthier to be an overweight non-smoker than not bother giving up because you think you’ll get fat.

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