Nibble nuts to feel fuller and they’re youth-boosting too. You’ll look great and feel fantastic

How it works

Eating no more than a handful of nuts a day is a great way to manage your wait. Plus, they have some great anti-ageing benefits too. Here’s what to choose:

Hazelnuts – packed with the fat-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E. As well as being a skin cream staple, digesting it improves your complexion from the inside out

Pecans – a really good source of the mineral zinc, an important skin healer

Cashews – contain twice the iron concentration of minced beef, which can help to prevent hair loss, keep you rosy-cheeked and free from fatigue

Almonds – all round nutritional star. Adding them to meals also stabilises blood sugar levels, which could keep you spot-free

Brazils – crammed with selenium, another free-radical zapping antioxidant to prevent premature ageing

Walnuts – rich in skin, hair and nail-friendly essential fats, they’re also one of the few plant sources of omega-3

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