This nutrient-rich plan will help perfect your complexion and lose pounds, too!

How it works

Cold temperatures and central heating can take their toll on your skin leaving it dry, sallow and blotchy. This diet will help winter-proof your complexion with lots of protein, fresh fruit and veg. Follow the plan for 5 days and you could lose up to 5lbs. Your skin takes up to 40 days to renew itself so for best results have three of these diet days each week for five weeks afterwards. After every meal drink a 250ml glass of water with slices of cucumber or orange in it.


Glass of water; omelette made with one whole egg and three egg whites OR grilled sardines on 1 slice wholemeal toast.

Eat with fruit salad made with 1/2 papaya, 4 sliced strawberries and 3tbsp blueberries. Decaffeinated coffee, or green of herbal tea.

Energy break

Glass of skimmed milk, 50g cold chicken, 4 cherry tomatoes, a slice of cantaloupe melon


Grilled salmon fillet with a salad of lettuce hearts, watercress and baby spinach dressed with 1tbsp olive oil and balsamic vinegar OR tomato omelette made with 3 eggs and 3 sliced tomatoes and a little cheese.

Finish with fruit salad made with 1/2 papaya, 4 sliced strawberries and 3tbsp blueberries.

Energy break

200ml glass of skimmed milk, 10 strawberries, 6 nuts, eg. walnuts, almonds or Brazil nuts


175g salmon fillet or tuna steak, grilled and served with steamed vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach, carrots and French beans OR Italian chicken: casserole a chicken breast in a tin of tomatoes with herbs, a little olive oil, olives (to taste) and sliced red peppers. Serve with a dark green leafy salad


Fruit salad made with 1/2 papaya, 4 sliced strawberries and 3tbsp blueberries


30g oats (not instant) simmered in water with skimmed milk plus 1tsp honey (to taste) OR large mug of hot skimmed milk with 1tsp honey

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