This low-GI, low-sugar plan will help you lose weight and say goodbye to wrinkles. 

Some foods cause our blood sugar to rise rapidly, which can put a strain on our body and skin. This skin-boosting, anti-ageing diet helps you feel fuller for longer and curbs sweet cravings to smooth lines and shift pounds.

Day 1


1 Shredded Wheat with 1tbsp flaked almonds, ½ grated apple and 250ml skimmed milk OR 2 rashers of bacon, 1 poached egg and grilled tomatoes

Lunch 1 medium cod fillet baked with chopped tomatoes, peppers,  garlic and carrots and 50g butter beans OR 175g cold salmon and a mixed salad, which must include red peppers, grated carrot, watercress and 3 baby tomatoes

Dinner 2 handfuls of wholemeal pasta, boiled, with tomato and vegetable sauce, 10 olives, 2tbsp grated Parmesan and a green salad OR oven-baked chicken breast with 2tsp sweet and sour sauce, 100g baked sweet potato and broccoli

Dessert 30g cheese with 2 celery stalks and a small bunch of black grapes


Day 2

Breakfast 30g oats made into porridge with skimmed milk and a bowl of grapefruit segments OR 2 poached eggs, 1 slice wholemeal toast and 2tsp peanut butter

Lunch ½ avocado with 100g water-packed tuna, 1tsp Salad Cream and a green salad OR 1 slice wholemeal bread with ½ sliced avocado and 2tsp crushed walnuts, drizzled with 2tsp walnut oil and 1tsp balsamic vinegar

Dinner 220g can low-sugar baked beans on 2 slices wholemeal toast OR 100g oven baked salmon fillet with 150g sweet potato, mashed, and stir-fried mixed veg, no sauce

Dessert 2tbsp homemade rice pudding (serves 3) – Put 60g brown pudding rice in a bowl, add 2 pints semi-skimmed milk. Stir and bake at Gas 1/140°c for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. Add 25g sultanas and 2tsp honey after cooking.


Day 3

Breakfast 1 Shredded Wheat, raspberries and 250ml skimmed milk OR 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice granary toast and 1tsp olive oil spread

Lunch Low-fat burger (100g) with 100 percent ground beef, no bun, 1tsbp tomato and pepper salsa relish, mixed salad and 1tbsp sweet corn OR grilled sardines with lemon juice on 1-2 slices granary toast

Dinner 4tbsp seafood risotto and a green leaf salad OR baked cod, as Day 1 lunch

Dessert 30g cheese with 2 celery stalks and a small bunch of black grapes


Day 4

Breakfast Skimmed milk latte, fresh berries with 1 small pot plain, fat-free yogurt and 2tsp toasted hazelnuts OR 30g oats made into porridge with 250ml skimmed milk, glass of apple juice

Lunch ½ avocado and 100g prawns with large salad OR 100g cooked chicken with salad in a tortilla wrap

Dinner Chicken breast stir-fried with soy sauce and plenty of mixed veg

Dessert Raspberries and blueberries with 2tbsp plain, fat-free yogurt


Day 5

Breakfast 50g sugar free muesli, 250ml skimmed milk and 1tbsp plain, low fat fromage frais

Lunch Tuna Niçoise salad – 100g water-packed tuna, 1 hard boiled egg, 10 olives and cooked green beans with mixed green leaves (no potatoes) OR 100g cottage cheese and large mixed salad

Dinner Small seafood pizza with a mixed salad

Dessert 25g Brie with 2 cream crackers and 2 celery stalks


Day 6

Breakfast Smoothie made with 1 banana, 6 dried apricots, 200ml skimmed milk and 2tbsp plain fat-free yogurt

Lunch 100g cottage cheese with 2tbsp walnut pieces and 40g sliced grapes on 2 multigrain Ryvitas

Dinner 50g linguine, cooked, mixed with 100g cooked salmon fillet, fresh dill and 1tbsp half-fat crème fraiche

Dessert Portion rice pudding (as Day 2) with 2tbsp stewed apple


Day 7

Your favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert from the week, plus one 200-calorie sweet treat


For further information on our diet club, and to get a free 7-day membership, go to Woman’s Own Diets.