Shaken cocktails worked with Dan over at The Chatsfield to come up with a signature cocktail for the glamorous hotel. Like The Chatsfield itself, it’s sophisticated, elegant and just a little bit intoxicating:


A sugar cube

3ml caraway seed liqeur

20ml Cognac

100ml champagne



1. Place 1 sugar cube in a champagne flute

2. Add 3ml of caraway seed liqueur

3. Then 20ml of Cognac

4. Top up with 100ml Champagne

5. Garnish with an optional orange twist

You should be able to find most of those ingredients at your local store – but not everywhere stocks caraway seed liqueur (also known as kümmel). If you’re googling for a supplier, we recommend looking for the brand Wolfschmidt.

Classic cocktails are very de rigueur right now. For more delicious suggestions, email – he will be pleased to assist you!

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