Prepare to drool!

If you love a hot chocolate you will love these! Each recipe below turns a bland hot choccy into something totally amazing and mouth-watering and a REAL treat. Whether you are sitting down with a good book, DVD, making the kids a treat or having an ‘adult’ only hot chocolate, these recipes are guaranteed to make your day a whole lot better!

Which one will you be trying? Read out favourite ways to pimp up your hot chocolate below…

Add nutella
nutella-hot-chocolate_1Take your hot chocolate to a whole new level with a spoonful (or two) of nutella. Totally delicious. See the recipe here


Add mint
mint-hot-chocolateGive your favourite drink a twist with a minty flavour that’s not too overbearing. Swap the Nestle mints in this recipe for Mint Aero Bubbles for wickedly delicious treat! See the recipe here


Add peanut butter
peanut-butterIf you love nuts – or indeed Reese’s Pieces – you will love this scrummy recipe, and if you want to make it really indulgent then add two Reese Pieces cups as opposed to peanut butter from a jar. Bliss! See the recipe here


Add a salted caramel topping
salted-caramel-hot-chocolate-31This is the latest trend for when it comes to pimping up your hot chocolate so you’ve got to give it a go! Everyone will love this and it’s the perfect after dinner dessert-come-drink! See the recipe here


Add coffee
mochaA coffee with chocolate in is traditionally known as mocha but this recipe takes things a little bit further adding the coffee to the chocolate along with some spices! YUM! Husbands will no doubt love this one. See the recipe here


Add some Christmas spice!
Cinnamon-Hot-CocoaA true classic hot chocolate often contains cinnamon but when Christmas is around the corner there is not excuse not to add even more for a flavorsome finish! See the recipe here


Add orange
orangeIf you love Terry’s Chocolate Orange (who doesn’t?!) then either add some segments straight into your hot chocolate and melt or try this more low-fat option. Yum! See the recipe here


Add mini marshmallows
marshmallowsA great one for kids, adding lots of marshmallows makes it fun and drinkable with a spoon! See the recipe here


Add Baileys
baileysThis is our favourite! Turn your Sunday afternoon treat into something naughty and for adults only with a splash of creamy Baileys. This is great for after dinner too! See the recipe here

Add wine

hot chocolate

Why choose between red wine or chocolate as an end of day treat, when you can have both? Get the recipe for indulgent red wine hot chocolate here

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