Thanks to these tasty crumble recipes, we’re sorted for warming winter puds this year! From traditional apple crumble recipes, to new and interesting flavour combinations, we can’t wait to tuck in to these traditional delish desserts. Someone pass the custard!


A classic crumble that is practically crying out to be eaten with custard, this Bramley apple and blackberry crumble will feed the whole family and have portions left over for seconds.


If your looking to try something new, this nectarine and coconut crumble is scrumptious and sweet. Delicious on its own or with a dollop of cream [yum!]


This apple and rhubarb crumble is ideal for anyone whose favourite part of the pudding is the topping! The oaty crumble layer makes for a mouthwateringly crunchy topping that tastes delicious with the fruit underneath.


This sweet mixed berry crumble recipe is perfect to serve to family and friends from one large dish, or can be cooked in small ramekins for scrumptious single portions of this warming winter pud.


A gluten-free version of the classic crumble, this is a tasty alternative to the traditional oaty recipe. The combination of apple and ginger captures the tastes of autumn in one dish, and crumble lovers will struggle to tell the difference between this and a classic recipe.


Crumble in a cake? Turn your favourite wintery pudding into the perfect tea-time treat with this recipe for peach crumble cake. A low-fat option that still hits the spot every time!


Serve this blueberry and blackberry crumble warm straight from the oven, with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream straight from the freezer, for a mouth-watering finale to any winter meal.


We couldn’t present a collection of our favourite crumbles without including one chocolate option. This Chocolate Porter Berry crumble is an adults-only dessert, mixing together chocolate and a tempting tipple for an indulgent and tasty treat.