Hi everyone

It’s weigh-day Friday!

This morning when I jumped (ok gingerly stepped) onto the scales the sun was shining and the birds were singing and I was feeling positively chipper. I’ve had quite a good week – really busy, so no time for  cheating – in fact I’ve skipped a couple of meals which I know isn’t good, but time just flies by! Anyway the scales have moved a pound so I’m back to week 6 when I gained those troublesome 2!

Feeling positive!

A tricky weekend lies ahead – it’s longer than usual (hoorah) and I’m away from home (woo hoo) at a family wedding. Eating and drinking – of course, but as always I’ll try to be good! However, some extra cals shall be gained back as I’m sure by about 9pm I’ll be throwing some serious moves on the dance floor.

Have fabulous, sunny weekends!

And remember – Loose Lips = Broad Hips!


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