Hi everyone

I’m a bit fed-up! I was feeling all virtuous as I managed to get my act into gear this morning and make my own lunch. However, I’ve just eaten it and now feel completely unsatisfied! I did a quick swoop of the fridge and decided to use up all the opened/half-eaten stuff in there and whip it all into something delicious and ‘salady’! Or so I thought. This is what my lunch contained:

About 5 tbsp roasted vegetable couscous, a small tin of tuna flakes in brine, about 8 olives, some leftover salad (leaves, spring onion, cherry tomatoes and cucumber), a dollop of guacamole all of which I topped with 2 hard-boiled eggs! I threw it all in a bowl, mixed and decanted into my Oxo Pop Lunch box (which is brilliant by the way). Everything stays fresh and it doesn’t leak in your handbag (always a bonus). Ok – so what happened? By lunchtime the couscous had sort of emulsified the tuna, and turned it into what can only be described as ‘gloop’! It was dry, tasteless and a complete waste of 413 calories. I won’t be rushing to do that again!

Oxo Pop Containers are great!


Oh well! I hate to end on a downer so here’s a little poem I wrote:

‘As I wake up from my sleep

I pray my diet I may keep

But if temptation makes me slip

I pray the lord my pants don’t rip.’


Happy St George’s Day!




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