Morning everyone

I can officially announce that today is Black Weigh-Day Friday!!

This morning I skirted around my scales deciding whether to actually get on them or not as I just knew what was coming. This week I have been the epitome of an emotional eater. It’s been a full-on, jam-packed week of ‘stuff’! And what have I done? Picked, nibbled, cheated, binged and yes – partaken in too many glasses of voddie . . . The result of  this emotional outburst – 2lbs ON! Aaaargh! And yes I feel utterly fed-up with myself and it’s put me in a poo-mood! Maybe I shouldn’t have weighed myself after all, but my reckoning was if I didn’t there was a chance I would carry on sliding down that slippery slope right on into next week! At least this way I’ve got myself in check, slapped myself around the face six times with a wet fish and am now determined, like a good girl guide ‘to promise to do my best!’

Me – this week!


Not one to wallow in self-pity (well not for too long anyway) I made myself concentrate and think of something exciting, fun and enjoyable and then I remembered the Woman’s Own Lifestyle Team are off on a night out to see The Dreamboys tomorrow! A few months ago they came into The Blue Fin on a promotional visit and invited us all to come and see the show. It would’ve been rude to say no – wouldn’t it?

See you in the front row tomorrow boys!


Have fun weekends and remember ‘One who indulges, bulges!’


See you next week!


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