Hi everyone,

This morning I received an email from Charlotte – now bear in mind I only normally receive e-mails from my daughter when she wants to borrow either the car, something from my wardrobe or money! So, when this one popped up in my in-box it brought a smile to my face, mainly as I am now slightly worried I am ‘diet brainwashing’ my family!

This was the e-mail:

‘Subject: Butter Is The Devil

Hi mum – did you know:

If you have scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, you more than likely use at least one tablespoon of butter on your toast. Many people also drop in another tablespoon of butter as they are scrambling their eggs. That adds up to to 200 calories in your breakfast from the butter alone.

Butter also has eleven grams of fat per tablespoon. A person who consumes 2,000 calories a day should keep her fat content below 65 grams. Going back to the breakfast example, you would have already consumed 22 fat grams (from the butter alone) or more than one-third of your daily allowance.

A serving of butter also has 33 mg of cholesterol. Because butter contains saturated fat that can make your LDL cholesterol rise. (LDL cholesterol is referred to as the “bad” cholesterol), the recommended amount of cholesterol consumption to lower your cholesterol level is 200 mg per day. The above breakfast gives you 66 grams of fat in one meal alone.

Love Charlotte xx’


What an utter waste of calories!!  As from today we, the Carter household, are banning butter!

Dry cream cracker anyone?

Suzanne x


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