Hi Everyone

Yesterday was not a good diet day. It’s funny, but you tend to know the minute you wake up whether you’re going to have a good or bad food-day – well, I do – and yesterday I just knew it wasn’t going to go well!

Today was going to be a bad-food day!

Clothes crisis

I couldn’t decide what to wear. At the moment I’m hovering between my ‘fat’, ‘a bit thinner’ and ‘thinnest’ clothes –  go on, admit it we all have them! So, I grabbed an old favourite dress (black of course) and ended up feeling slightly scruffy all day, which dampened my mood a little bit. This then led to me having a more calorific breakfast than normal – 398 cals instead of around 224.

Lousy lunch

A busy, busy day at Woman’s Own towers as we’re on deadline pull-up due to the Easter hols and, on top of that, I was booked onto a 3 hour training course in the afternoon. I only managed to munch half my lunch before rushing to the course, so spent the rest of the afternoon feeling un-satisfied and a wee bit peckish! And, I had to leave work right on time to rush home for another house viewing. Luckily Andy was home before me so he was in charge – stuffing as much as possible into cupboards so the viewers won’t see it, spraying copious amounts of furniture polish around the front door and lighting as many scented candles as possible’!

P.S it seemed to go well – I’ll keep you posted.

Dinner is served

Due to the viewing I knew we wouldn’t eat until late so it was ‘ping dinners’ all round. Thank you sooo much to my lovely friends at Asda who had, thankfully, sent me a selection of their Chosen By You Reduced Calorie meals to try. I went for the Chicken Sizzler (299 cals), which I tucked-into with a portion of salted sugarsnap peas (33 cals). It was yummy – lots of chicken and peppers with a real spicy kick. Brett tucked into the Tuna Pasta Bake. Dinner was going well I thought. Then Andy said those magic words ‘do you fancy a glass of wine?’ This coming from Andy -not normally one to encourage me to drink (he doesn’t need to) was quite a revelation and, of course, I would never want to disappoint my husband so I sprinted (10 cals burned) to the wine glass cupboard and before I knew it I was caressing a large glass of red (170 cals).

Asda Chicken Sizzler – only 299 calories.

Cheeky chocolate fix

At bedtime I realised why my mood was a bit low today and my eating a bit erratic – it’s that ‘time’ that previously attended slimming clubs call ‘star week’ – well now that explained everything – so what did I do? Ate a Cadbury’s chocolate mini roll (125cals) in bed whilst Pinteresting (is to Pinterest a verb?) and found this very appropriate pin!

So true!





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