Hi Everyone

How cold is it today? Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

I started mine on Friday morning with this week’s weigh-in. As usual I popped my scales onto my favourite floor tile (the one marked with a tiny felt-tip cross) and stepped on. I’d had a really good week, but I was slightly concerned as I’d decided to change my weigh-in day from a Monday morning to a Friday morning, so I was weighing myself again after only 4 diet days not 7. This could be bad!  However,  I’d lost another 3lb – happy, happy, happy!!!  So that makes 9lbs in 3 weeks AND I am now the proud owner of my very own bit of Diet Club bling – a silver 7lb rosette!

7lb rosette!

The reason I decided to change my weigh-in day was I am absolutely fine and focused on the diet all week whilst I’m at work and in a routine, but then I tend to slip a little at the weekends (as you do, I know!). So, I thought I would relieve a little scale-stress and weigh myself before the weekend and that would give me a whole week to balance-out the bad days!! Hopefully this strategy will pay off!


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