Hi everyone

Yesterday I made a discovery (well 2 actually – no make it 3)!!

Discovery No 1

I nipped to M&S to pick up some lunch and I found this really tasty, really filling, really big, portion of Hot Smoked Salmon & Potato Salad. It was delicious and only 240 calories! That’s a big(ish) lunch for not many calories I thought! Needless to say I’ve added this straight to my Favourites list!

M&S Hot Smoked Salmon Potato Salad – only 240 calories!


Discovery No 2

A Conference pear is 90 calories – WHAT? 90 whole calories – that’s shocking!!!!  Whilst perusing the aisles of M&S I thought I would do the right thing and buy a piece of fruit to go with my lunch. The apples were all in multi-packs so I picked up a nice juicy pear. When I got back to my desk I checked the calories and nearly fell over!  I was soooo not going to waste 90 whole calories on eating a pear!  As all you fellow CC’s (calorie counters) know, how you use your daily allowance is crucial and if I was going to use up 90  it would be on something worthwhile – cue this little pot of  lovliness – M&S Count On Us Milk & Belgian White Chocolate Mousse – 120 calories! And may I say – it was absolutely divine!  Said pear is still sitting on my desk!!!!!

Pear V Chocolate Mousse?


Discovery No 3

On the commute home from work I start to struggle with my cravings a little and really get the urge for something sweet just to pop in my mouth (a mint just doesn’t do it!) I haven’t worked out quite why this is yet – I’ll keep you posted! So, I went in search of something that was low in cals and well, sweet! Meet my new, pocket-sized BFF – M&S Sugar Free Rhubarb & Custard Drops – only 14 calories each!

My commute sugar fix!

Hmmm!  Now what shall I have for lunch today?



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