Hi everyone

Yes – I’ve been a bit quiet again this week and that’s probably because I am completely out of the diet zone.  Every day I wake up with really good intentions but by lunchtime I’ve gone and totally lost the plot! It’s almost like I’m not even on a diet when you and I know full well that I AM!

I’m starting to recognise a familiar pattern for me which is at the beginning I throw myself into the eating plan and embrace the exercise and do really well and then I start to relax because I think I’m doing so well and then I fall completely off the wagon. Now I feel fed-up as I’ve gone past my target deadline and not lost the weight I set out to lose!

I need motivation! And I know exactly what would get me motivated and back on track 100% – a holiday – the sort where I would have to dare to bare! Normally by now I’ve got something planned, but not this year as we’re moving. Also, the weather isn’t helping as I can still hide behind my 70 deniers and long sleeves – nothing milk-bottle white and flabby needs to be exposed.

I need a holiday!!!


I feel better for sharing my woes with you and I’m sure a lot of you will understand where I’m coming from. However, I really do need to focus and get back on track! Mr C if you’re reading this blog – couldn’t we just book a teeny tiny little week away somewhere hot? Pleeeeeese!

Have a lovely long weekend! And remember The best exercise for losing weight – is exercising self-control!

Suzanne x