Happy Red Nose Day everyone!

Last night I faced one of the biggest challenges for a dieter – I baked cakes! Yes, after work (and Brett’s school open evening) I donned my pinny and hit the kitchen at full speed. I’d decided to whip-up a batch of Oreo cupcakes for my entry into the Woman’s Own Bakeoff for Red Nose Day. The pressure was on as we are being judged by none other than The Boy Who Bakes, Ed Kimber (winner of the first British Bake Off), so these had to be good!

Dieter’s Hurdle No 1 – What to do when faced with the chocolate sponge mixture bowl?

Lick it, the calories won’t count as it’s not really food or give it to someone else to lick and let them take the calories for me? As no-one was in the vicinity I threw it in the washing-up bowl! Victory was mine!

Suz 1 – Oreo cupcake 0.

Dieter’s Hurdle No 2 – What to do when faced with four packets of Oreos?

Simply inhale the gorgeous and unique Oreo smell or cram one in your mouth before anyone sees you? No contest! I crammed one in my mouth before anyone could see me!!!  Heaven in 2 and a bit bites and only 53 calories (which I did add to my food diary by the way).

Suz 1 – Oreo cupcake 1.

Dieter’s Hurdle No 3 – How to resist at least 16 different cakes and bakes sitting in the Woman’s Own offices waiting for Ed to judge? I’ll keep you posted – judging is at 3pm!

Oreo Cupcakes for the Woman’s Own Red Nose Bakeoff

PS – Angela Dowden, Woman’s Own Diet guru very kindly worked out the calories in my cakes and it’s 350! Eeeek!

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