Hi everyone

First I need to apologise for going AWOL last week. It was a short week thanks to the bank holiday (woo hoo), but a stressful one too, as here at Woman’s Own towers we have to work doubly-fast to get your favourite mag out on time the following week and I really didn’t come up for air!!!

However, weigh-day Friday came and went and guess what?  I STS (stayed the same). I seem to have reached a bit of a plateau which is really frustrating and I’m not feeling very enthusiastic about the whole diet situation at the moment! So, for inspiration I re-read a piece that our wonderful Diet Guru Angela Dowden has written for us on how to beat the diet doldrums. Here are her reasons for plateuing (not sure that’s a word but it sounds right!)  and she mentions –  not counting calories properly (tick), portion sizes creeping up (tick) and fitness regime in a rut (tick) – that’s 3 ticks straight away! So this week I am religiously recording every morsel that enters my mouth and have decided to add some gentle jogging into my fitness regime – especially as in exactly 28 days time team Woman’s Own will be taking part in the Race For Life.  Last night, The Carters went for a family run round the block and back up through the park! Whilst purple and panting on the doorstep, Charlotte said ‘Wow was that about 3 miles?’ before I could answer, Brett, the keeper of the pedometer piped-up ‘It was half a mile!’ Really?

Run Carters Run!


And message to self – ‘Don’t wail on the scales if you cheat when you eat!’


See you soon!