Yorkshire puddings – the humble Sunday roast wouldn’t be complete without them. Big, small, covered in gravy, we all have our favourite way to eat this bite of British food heritage.

But how about a tasty twist for this traditional English dish? You may have only seen Yorkshire puddings as a delicious addition to your roast, but these interesting recipes are sure to change your mind…

Yorkshire Puddings with blue cheese and chive


Just a little twist on the old classic by blogger Summerfield Delight to get us started….

The Yorkshire Pudburger


This does what it says on the tin – instead of a classic burger bun, you surround your homemade burgers with Yorkshire puddings. What could possibly go wrong?

Filled & stuffed


Why just have a Yorkshire pudding as an accompaniment to a roast, when you can make it the centre of the entire meal?! This recipe from Capture By Lucy is delicious!

Add custard and jam


Know we know what you’re thinking, and we’re with you,  we weren’t sure about this combination to start with either – but it’s actually quite tasty and worth a try!

Breakfast ‘Crumpies’


This strange yet glorious cross between a crumpet and a Yorkshire pudding comes from none-other than Jamie Oliver. The Essex-born chef says about this recipe, “Crumpies are my delicious invention – lovely and crisp on the top and bottom, and knotty, chewy and bubbly inside. ”

Behold: The Yorkshire Pudding Profiterole!


You don’t really need many words to describe this sweet sweet twist on the humble Yorkshire pudding, but we will say that the chocolate sauce is DIVINE. Get the recipe from yorkshirepudd.co.uk here!

The ultimate Yorkshire pud dessert


This delicious looking dish is a coconut and dark chocolate Yorkshire pudding. A wonderful sweet alternative to our Sunday roast favourite, you can find the recipe bydoughmesstic.com here.