Look below to see our favourite mouth-watering quick and easy pasta recipes perfect for a mid-week dinner! Let’s face it, we all love a comforting bowl of pasta every now and again (ok, some of us most nights!) and at this time of year it’s the perfect time to indulge! So in order to make things easy for you, we’ve selected our favourite mouth-watering, totally amazing, pasta recipes that the whole family (and your friends) will love!

quick and easy pasta recipes

From healthy vegetarian options that will still fill you up and are tasty, to quick one-pot recipes that save time and money. We’ve also got some meaty feasts perfect for a night in on the sofa and quick and easy pasta recipes for stress-free mid-week meals.

And if you’re feeling a twinge of guilt about loading up on carbs, don’t. As new research has revealed that eating pasta actually makes you healthier. Someone pass us a bowl of tagliatelle already!

Yep, according to the latest data just in from the National Pasta Association those who eat pasta on a regular basis have a greater intake of vital vitamins. Looking at the diet of US adults aged 19 and over between 2001-2012 they found that those who said yes to pasta had higher levels of folate, iron, magnesium and dietary fibre. And that’s not all! Those who twirled pasta onto their forks like it was going out fashion had lower intake of saturated fat and added sugar to boot!


Scientists have just given us the green light to tuck into another plate of arrabiata – hooray! But if you’re still feeling carb conscious, we’ve got some low-card options below. Or, why not try using spiralized vegetables such as courgette instead of pasta in any of the recipes below? It’s a brilliant alternative to dried pasta. Whether you’re indulging or trying to be good, these recipes are sure to satisfy!

Pick one of these quick and easy pasta recipes to try tonight…