Long gone are the days when simple bread and butter, or beans on toast, would suffice as a quick, warming, meal. Toast has taken on a whole foodie transformation, with a range of toppings that span from scrumptious savoury options to out-of-this-world sweet treats. We guarantee that once you see the toppings for toast below, brunch will never be the same again…

toppings-for-toast-roasted-tomatoRoasted tomato and feta cream toast – Cheese and tomato on toast, the way Kate and Wills would probably do it. Find out how to recreate this tasty toast here!

toppings-for-toast-hazelnut-s-moreHazelnut S’more toast – As winter creeps ever closer and the nights draw in, we’re all looking for some incredible comfort food – and this just might be it! Find out how to recreate this tasty toast here!                   

brushcettaClassic bruschetta-style toast – Grab a slice of toast, spread garlic butter first, followed by pesto, then add some slices of mozzarella and tomatoes before popping in the oven for four minutes. Easy and delicious!

Best-Ever-Hot-Chocolate-French-Toast-1Hot chocolate french toast – Yes, this is really happening. We’re not sure this can quite count as breakfast, but you shouldn’t need an excuse to try this crazy delicious dessert. Just WOW. Get the recipe here!

toppings-for-toast-sesame-honeySesame and honey barbecue fried chicken toast – Sure to be a new family favourite at home, these sticky chicken pieces make for a delicious (and super simple) mid-week meal. Get the recipe here! 

Red-Velvet-French-Toast-14Red Velvet french toast – We’re 100% serious, this is real! Perhaps one toast slice too far for some, but we have to admit, once we found out the filling was vanilla bean cheesecake, we were won over…If you want to give it a go, get the recipe here!

toppings-for-toast-smashed-totSmashed Tot and Egg Toast – Eggs may be classic toppings for toast, especially at brunch, but the secret to this tasty recipe lies in how the bread is prepared itself…Find out the secret here!

And just when you thought breakfast couldn’t get any better…


Churro Toast – You seem to be able to make pretty much anything into a churro these days, and toast is no exception. Get the recipe for this latest sweet treat here.


Ham French Toast sandwich with sweet mayonnaise and creme brûlée surface – There. Are. No. Words. If you’re inspired (or slightly crazy when it comes to food) you can get the recipe for this weird and wonderful creation here.