Behold, red wine brownies! Like a regular brownie, only better. Why? Because they’ve been drenched in one of our favourite tipples and we couldn’t be more excited.

These fudgy raspberry brownies are no joke 😍

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It seems that sipping on a regular glass of wine is no longer the way to enjoy your favourite red, white or rosé.

After the summers ‘Frosé‘ revelation, and the red wine hot chocolate discovery from last month, it seems only natural that the champions of red wine out there have come up with a new and even more delicious way for us to enjoy a glass of red.

The original recipe that everyone is getting hooked on is by food blogger A Cookie Named Desire. Check out the blog for the original recipe! Blogger Amanda recommends the use of “sweet reds and dessert wines”. However, she adds that any leftover wine will do!

So, fancy giving them a go? Find the recipe HERE!

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