Could this be the easiest desert to make ever? These Rasberry and almond trifles scream sophistication, and for just £1.07 per serving!



300g low-fat Greek yogurt

85g low-fat soft cream cheese

1/2tsp almond extract

8 amaretti biscuits, crushed

250g raspberries

1tbsp icing sugar, sieved


Makes: 4

Cost per serving: £1.07



1. Put the Greek yogurt, cream cheese and almond extract in a bowl and gently mix together until smooth.

2. Crush the amaretti biscuits lightly and divide between 4 individual glasses, keeping a few crumbs for decoration.

3. Set aside a few raspberries for decoration, then crush the remainder with a fork, add the icing sugar to sweeten, and divide between the glasses.

4. Top with the cream cheese mixture and decorate with raspberries and sprinkle of biscuit crumbs.


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