Pimm's trifle


Is there anything better than a refeshing jug of Pimm’s on a summer’s day? We don’t think so! But why stop there? Pimm’s is a delicious addition to a summer trifle. Our easy Pimm’s trifle tastes wonderful and only costs £1.26 per portion to make. So quick, dash to the shops and pick up a bottle!



400g strawberries, halved

4tbsp Pimm’s

4 trifle sponges, about 100g total

298g tin mandarin segments in juice

4tbsp caster sugar

425ml fresh custard

200ml double cream

150g low-fat yogurt

Fresh mint, to garnish


Serves: 6

Prep time: 40 mins

Chilling time: 2 hrs

Cost per serving: £1.26



1. Soak 350g of the strawberries in the Pimm’s for about 30 mins.

2. Break the trifle sponges into pieces and arrange in a single layer in the base of a 1.2ltr trifle bowl. Add the strawberries and mandarins, sprinkle with the sugar and spoon over the Pimm’s. Next, pour a layer of custard over the trifle.

3. Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks then fold in the yogurt. Spoon over the custard and chill until ready to serve. Decorate your trifle with the remaining strawberries and sprigs of mint.


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