As made by a WO colleague


We guarantee YOU will be happy as a pig in mud after enjoying this delicious cake.


A chocolate sponge cake mix

400gm of dark chocolate, broken into pieces

250ml whipped cream

Filling of your choice

3 x five-finger dark KitKats or 250g chocolate fingers

250g light pink marzipan (for the piggies)

Skewer (for the pig eyes)

Flat board to set the cake on




1. First, make your sponge cake as instructed on the packet (we like to make things easy for you!). While this is baking assemble your piggies. Enjoy sculpting these any way you like, maybe take inspiration from the picture above, it’s all very Blue Peter D.I.Y style. Once made, leave to set.

2. Warm your cream over a low heat, keep stirring until it just starts to boil. Gradually add the chocolate pieces, all the time stirring until you have a nice smooth mixture. Remove from the heat and leave to cool, stirring every now and again.

3. Meanwhile cut your sponge in half and layer the bottom with your fillings of choice and replace the top half. Then, place on a lazy Susan or something else easy to rotate.

4. Once your chocolate sauce has cooled and thickened to a custard consistency, use a spatula and apply to the sides of your cake, then stick your KitKats or fingers on –  top tip is to place them on at a slight angle against the cake so that when you tie your ribbon around it will pull them up straight.

5. Warm through the leftover chocolate and when it is only just fluid pour over the top of the cake. Make sure it’s not too runny.

6. Finally, before it totally sets, place your little piggies on the chocolate before leaving in the fridge to set before wowing friends and family – enjoy!

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